Admiral Rodney Now Admiral Wendy at Weekends

CALVERTON’S ADMIRAL RODNEY has something to tell the world, and he doesn’t care what people think.

‘I’ve always loved dressing up,’ Rodney reveals.

‘At first it was 18th century British navy uniform – there’s this whole thing about me supposedly defeating the French at the Battle of Saintes during the American Revolutionary War in 1782, but I’ve never been anywhere near a ship. I’m a plasterer from Strelley.

‘Anyway, I moved on from that to a Batman costume, then a Mexican bandit, and then one of those 118-118 athletes with the tight shorts and curly hair.

‘But it was only when I was Dame Dumpsy-Dearie in panto that I realised how comfy a frock was and decided to make the lifestyle change. Yes, my mates do have a dig at me. But you get used to the stick – particularly the one I’m sat on all week.’

Admiral Rodney will now be Admiral Rodney from Monday to Friday, and will identify as Admiral Wendy at weekends.

Everards Brewery owns the pub, and is yet to confirm if it will adjust signage.