Top End of Calverton Now Bottom End Due to Map Mix Up

THE TOP END OF CALVERTON is really the bottom end of Calverton due to a map mix up, it has been confirmed.

Because of an Ordnance Survey printing error, it seems that residents have been reading the map of Calverton upside down since as far back as the 1790s.

‘This won’t be a major issue for most of us,’ said villager Norris Thetford, newly-appointed Chairman of CPHSCRAPPPSPS.

‘Obviously there are people who’ll get mardy because they base their self-worth on the location and value of their property and have a misplaced sense of superiority. But for the rest of us it will just be business as usual.’

‘Superior? That’s how we feel about the whole of Calverton,’ said Woodborough.

To celebrate the new village order, there’ll be a party next week at the Bottom Club.