Hand Car Wash Worker Accidentally Valets Horse

A SHORT-SIGHTED worker at Calverton’s Hand Car Wash has accidentally given a valet to a horse, it has been claimed.

Stella Pipette, a stable owner from somewhere up the posh bit of the village, was trotting past the Bandook astride Merlin, her prize-winning Thoroughbred, when the incident occurred on Wednesday.

‘A man in overalls gave a shrill whistle and waved Merlin towards him,’ said a traumatised Stella.

‘Before I could stop the fellow, he’d set about Merlin with soapy water and soft wash mitts. Merlin looked like he was enjoying it to start with, but soon reared up at the first swipe of abrasive sponge on an intimate area.’

A spokesman for the Hand Car Wash said: ‘You can be sure your horse is being cleaned using only the best quality Autosmart products.

‘While it’s clear that chemicals have seriously affected the eyesight of one of our employees on this occasion, causing him to inappropriately valet a Thoroughbred, we didn’t think it was fair that the employee was trampled for his genuine mistake and we will be seeking legal advice.’

The horse was unable to provide comment, because it’s a horse.