Calverton Miners Welfare FC to Compete in Champions League

DUE TO AN ADMIN ANOMALY, Calverton Miners Welfare FC will play in next season’s UEFA Champions League.

UEFA is formally investigating why this has happened, but as things currently stand the Nottinghamshire side will replace Belgium’s Koninklijke Racing Club Genk in the competition.

‘It’s a mystery why Calverton Miners Welfare FC was automatically put through to the group stages of the Champions League,’ said Stevie Stokes, a senior IT security consultant based in Flatts Lane, Calverton.

I know I’m brilliant with computers. But no illegal hacking of UEFA systems has taken place to enable the local team I’m captain of to take part in one of the most prestigious football tournaments on the planet and potentially earn all of us a fortune.’

Koninklijke Racing Club Genk has officially appealed to UEFA against its removal from the Champions League and having all of its details seemingly wiped from the UEFA database overnight. The club has also appealed against the first word of its name being completely unpronounceable.

In the meantime, Calverton Miners Welfare FC eagerly anticipates entertaining the likes of Benfica, Athletico Madrid and reigning champions Liverpool FC at the Bottom Club next season.

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