Mad Max Film Crew Comes to Calvo

HOLLYWOOD SOURCES have confirmed that the next Mad Max movie will be filmed in Calverton.

The franchise, set in a dystopian future where gangs of murderous bikers endlessly blow each other up in torched, desolate landscapes, will move production to Calverton next month.

‘Why build a torched, desolate landscape on a movie set at a cost of millions of dollars when you can simply use Park Road East?’ said executive producer Barry (Kapow!) Kozlowski.

‘What on earth was the County Council thinking with that tarmac? No vehicle can get up that road without serious suspension damage or an exhaust pipe falling off. Those potholes are big enough for badgers to live in. So it’s an ideal road surface for our action sequences.

‘Also, the crippling heat in Calverton means locals are bad-tempered right now. We’ll need extras in some scenes and these people already come with the required levels of road rage and bloodlust. Ideal Mad Max fodder.’

The Parish Council is happy for the crew to film on Calverton’s roads but has obviously refused to allow them to use any fold-up tables from the Village Hall.

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