Skegness Holiday Shatters Dave’s Euro Dream

A CALVERTON FOOTBALLER is not able to play in next season’s Champions League final because of a family holiday.

‘I saw the final was in Istanbul on Saturday 30th May next year,’ said Dave Duggan, Calverton Miners Welfare FC midfielder.

‘My dad’s turning 60 that weekend, so we’re all going down the caravan in Skeg. Sheena will proper kill me if I don’t go. I’ve got to say I’m torn.’

‘Dave’s talismanic presence at the heart of the squad is vital to our success in the Champions League final,’ said Miners Welfare skipper Stevie Stokes.

‘We’re hoping Dave will reconsider, or get his dad to change the day he was born to a week later.’

Of course we’ll get to the final. Bank on it,’ he added.

‘Stevie takes all this a bit seriously,’ said Dave.

‘Phoned me up to say he was ‘looking at options’ with dad and Sheena. I thought he meant move dad’s party to Istanbul, but no, he said maybe a combine harvester if dad can’t be flexible. No idea what he was talking about.’

There is currently no suggestion that UEFA will move the final to Skegness.

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