Calverton’s Ghosts Furious with Film Crew

CALVERTON’S GHOSTS have been illegally filmed while on strike, confirm mediums.

The TV show Help! My House Is Haunted paid a visit to Calverton’s Admiral Rodney last week and stayed overnight at the pub.

It’s claimed that several of Calverton’s local spirits, who’d turned up for a meeting of the Apparitions, Ghosts and Ghouls Hub (AGGH!) at the function room on Thursday 11 July, were caught on film by the crew while the meeting was in progress.

We’d made it clear we were on strike,’ said a pair of disembodied legs wearing riding trousers, acting AGGH! Secretary.

But no. In they barged with their shiny cameras and qualifications in TV and film production. We’re fed up being exploited by local weirdos with their ridiculous ghost tours and media professionals looking for cheap thrills. It’s time we were paid appearance fees. Until then, jog on.

The Calverton episode of Help! My House Is Haunted is expected to air in October. Calverton’s spirits will be moving future meetings of AGGH! to a different village location out of protest.

‘We all have pale skin and skeletal features,’ said the notorious White Lady.

‘So with polyester tracksuits and bottles of cheap cider, we’ll blend in with the teenagers at William Lee Memorial Park.’