Chief Whippy Not the Same as Mr Whippy, Village Informed

MP MARK SPENCER’S new job title has been causing food-related confusion in the village again.

‘This time it’s ice cream and not chocolate,’ said local man Norris Thetford of Crookdole Lane, Calverton.

‘I was in a queue at the van and the fella in front said: ‘Two medium cones and a Chief Whippy, please.’ I didn’t know what a Chief Whippy was. Turns out it’s the new extra large cone with two flakes, strawberry sauce and sprinkles.’

Ah, the Chief Whippy,’ said Ice Cream Man, who may perhaps have another name when he’s off duty.

‘It’s my attempt to get the village interested in politics through the popular medium of ice cream. If folk ask me what a Chief Whippy is I provide a helpful description of Mr Spencer’s new job to educate and raise awareness, and then I flog them a huge cone.

‘People are awkward about it, but it’s early days. I’ve asked Mr Spencer to come to the van and meet customers but apparently he’s quite busy at the moment.’

Ice Cream Man’s efforts have been welcomed in a village where voter turn-out at elections is embarrassingly low and Facebook turn-out is inevitably high.

‘It’s useful, but I’m still none the wiser about Mark Spencer and his new job,’ said Norris.

‘All I can say is this new ice cream seems to be costing me lots of money and makes me feel slightly nauseous.’