calvoblog – a Full Retraction and Apology

CALVERTON COMEDY WEBSITE conned readers into thinking it had to retract something or apologise for something today.

‘Not a bit of it,’ said editor Simon Carter, quoting himself as he wrote this article.

‘It was obvious folk would fall for it and click. They love scandal and gossip in this village. Love it.

The actual point of this article, Simon said, was to let readers know that this was the 50th story posted on calvoblog since the launch of the website in June.

‘Good lord! A milestone,’ said Simon, still quoting himself.

‘I’m dead chuffed with all the great feedback and promise to continue my quest to bring little rays of sunshine into an increasingly bleak and angry social media landscape which, to be fair, is also regularly brightened by other people’s photos of bumblebees and whatnot.’

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